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Angry Bots 2 Unity Project

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Angry Bots 2 is an example Unity Project, developed by Unity Technologies, used to demonstrate several features:
  • Graphics: Lightweight Render Pipeline & LWRP's Lit Shader. HDR enabled. Realtime Planar Reflections and Blue Refraction Render Pass scripts are included in the project.
  • Lighting: Scene Ambient, Realtime Directional & Additional Lights, Realtime Shadows, Reflection Probes.
  • Camera: Cinemachine to follow the Player.
  • VFX: Shader Graph for environment effects such as Hose Extrusion, Emission Cycle, Hologram Glitch Effect.
  • Prefab Workflows: Nested Prefabs for some objects such as the Player's Gun, Light Shards, etc.
  • Post Processing: FXAA, Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Color Grading, Vignette.
  • UI: For a Debug Menu for toggling settings at runtime: FPS Display, Post Processing, LWRP Low/Medium/High Quality Assets
This is a 'live' project; meaning that assets, feature-usage, code, etc will likely be updated, changed and added in the future!
Feel free to use anything from this project for whatever you are working on; assets, code, shader graphs, etc!
Current Software Requirements
  • Unity 2018.3.0f2
  • Lightweight Render Pipeline: 4.6.0
  • Arrow Keys/WASD to move the Player
  • Mouse to aim the Player in a direction
  • Mouse Click to shoot in that direction
If you have any feedback or issues when using the project; please contact Andy by email: andyt[at]


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Unity AngryBots愤怒的机器人demo研究


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Angry Bots水面反射效果剖析


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